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Digital Barriers
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Location: UK and US
Founded: 2008
Business: Video-surveillance



Company was formed by the team behind Detica Group plc, a FTSE250 specialist consultancy with a forty year heritage in the UK and US national security sectors – Detica was acquired by BAE Systems in 2008.

Head Office : Digital Barriers plc, Enterprise House, 1-2 Hatfields, London SE1 9PG, United Kingdom

Few gov as client see Clients. They acquired many companies like recently ThruVision how provide video analyse under clothes to detect weapons, bombs.

Equipements and technologies


  • Platform for surveillance distribution over limited or variable bandwidth networks – including cellular and satellite comms. It combines a uniquely efficient video codec and active comms channel manager to deliver low latency, highly resilient and secure visual intelligence almost anywhere.


  • Real-time image processing modules to enhance the functionality of mission-critical sensor systems. It provides operators with enhanced vision and situational awareness by overcoming equipment limitations and the challenges associated with environment, distance and motion.


  • facial recognition and matching system that works with a variety of sources, including a specially designed sensor that is capable of operating in almost any lighting conditions. It provides reliable identity verification and search across a range of surveillance, access control and forensic applications.


  • Passive Terahertz scanning technology to detect objects of virtually any material, even under multiple layers of clothing. It operates at stand-off distances in real-time and is available in compact, simple to deploy scanning units.

"If you think of the size of the traditional security screening at the airports, this only weighs 23kg and can be installed quickly and discreetly," said Mr Hird. "These units are compact and deployable in minutes. They are also capable of detection up to 10-15m."

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  • Stryker is a range of rapidly deployable specialist surveillance systems for tactical and covert applications. It includes integrated camera, wireless transmission and recording systems for complete citywide coverage, as well as discreet tactical surveillance systems. The range includes units with integral TVI and transmission options for cellular, COFDM and IP.


  • VMS and VCA solutions include scalable video management systems and reliable video content analysis applications. The range includes an enterprise scale IP surveillance management platform, surveillance recording units and video analytics for security and operational management applications.

Stop and Go model

  • Used for managing people in lines for security, passport process, ticketing or registration by indicating to them when to stop, and then, when and where to go to the next available booth, desk or station. This is plug and play video analytics.


Meeting with french services

A post by UkTradeInvestment who is not on ligne anymore : here

Digital Barriers event in Paris 26 June 2012**

Digital Barriers are a SME who provide advanced surveillance technologies to the international homeland security and defence markets. Xavier Owen, Senior Trade Adviser, Defence Security and Energy, at the British Embassy Paris organised a successful event for Digital Barriers to promote their equipment to the French homeland security market at the Millennium Suite of the British Embassy Paris on June 26th.

The 36 participants who took part included members of the Police (Police judiciaire, cellule d’assistance technique, RAID,…) Gendarmerie (including GIGN), the Ministry of Interior (Service des Technologies et des Systèmes d’Information de la Sécurité Intérieur, DCRI, Douanes,…) and several Embassy staff. They were split into two groups who attended two identical sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sir Peter Ricketts, the British Ambassador to France, gave a welcome speech in the morning session and Alastair Roberts from the British Consulate in Bordeaux gave an opening speech in the afternoon session.

After a short presentation by Representatives of Digital Barriers, the participants were taken through the five workshops where the demonstrations took place.

The equipment displayed included the Tristar wireless encoder (TVI R 500), the C-IDS unattended ground sensor, the TVI S400 and C300 real time wireless video streaming encoders, the Mirador camera, and a surveillance van parked in the courtyard.

This was followed by a “Questions and Networking session” which was the occasion for interested participants to establish contacts with Digital Barriers. Some have requested to try the equipment and are in contact with Thomas Herlin, Digital Barriers representative in France, to proceed with the tests.

Nevin Grieve, Digital Barriers’ Channel Sales Director was very happy with the event and said he is confident it had been helpful in making contact with end-user clients and developing their business in France.

United States

Contract with a US government agency. Valued at approximately £400,000, the contract is to support the Group's ongoing development of world-class video surveillance products based on its TVI technology, one of the Group's core strategic technologies. The on-going development will include a new range of products designed to meet the specific needs of the law enforcement sector.


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