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Location: France
Founded: 2011
Business: Video software



Axone is a small French startup specialized in analyse and video softwares.


Axone activities


Axone Hypervision
3D view of Hyperbision

Hypervision or Situation Controller is 3D representation of the area under surveillance. The video cameras can be view on the 3D world and you can apparently add captors, like rfid, fire-alarms, "gps"... The system can also manage direction of few cameras if you point a location. Easier for tracking... Or to go directly on a specified event [1].

Hypervision apparently offer facial recognition. But no more infos for the moment [1].

During ExoProtection 2012, Naoufal El Ouali, director of Axone said that #Hypervision was inspired by videogames. He said "We saw that 9-14y/o had no difficulties to move threw 3D world so we implement that to our surveillance software" or : When security agent tried it "they had fun" [2].

They said that #Hypervision can also tell you wich way is the closest when something happen, with color codes [1].


During Expoprotection 2012, Naoufal El Ouali, director of Axone said that they worked with Paris (with the system #Hypervision) and potentialy with Defense. He said they modelized a complet metro station with data like, "video, rfid, gps, fire alarms".[2]


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