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Agent Vi
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Location: Israel
Founded: ?
Business: Video analytics software



Founded in 2003, Agent Vi has sales, distribution and research and development operations around the globe essentialy on Video analytics software. The company has proven deployments worldwide in retail, airports, rail hubs, highways, education, critical infrastructure, utility, government, financial institutions and metropolitan markets. Check the video presentation of Agent Vi to see few of their technologies.



Vi-Search™ is a video search and analysis software, which enables retrieval and presentation of specific video segments, events and data from vast amounts of recorded video.[1] Vi-Search offers search parameters and capabilities, including search by:[1]

  • Target Type – People, Vehicles, Static Objects
  • Event Type – Moving, Stationary, Crossing a line, Occupancy, Crowding
  • Filter by Color and/or Size
  • Search within defined time frames
  • Search on selected cameras or group of cameras
  • Search for Similar Targets – Once a target is observed, a simple search can be conducted to locate additional appearances of the same or similar target in the recorded video

Vi-Search Offline

It is and offline version of Vi-Search.


Vi-System™ is Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software, which transforms standard surveillance networks into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems.[2] Vi-System provide analytics detection functions related to People, Vehicles and Static Objects.

Detection Rules / Behaviors

  • Person
    • Person moving in an area
    • Person crossing a line
    • Crowding
    • Person tailgating
    • Loitering
    • Grouping
  • Vehicle
    • Vehicle moving in an area
    • Vehicle crossing a line
    • Stopped vehicle
    • Tailgating vehicle
  • Static Object
    • Suspicious object
    • Traffic obstacle
    • Asset protection
  • Counting
    • Count people
    • Count vehicles
    • Measure stickiness (dwell time)
  • PTZ
    • Preset – Person moving in an area
    • Preset – Person crossing a line
    • Preset – Vehicle moving in an area
    • Preset – Vehicle crossing a line
    • Autonomous Target Tracking


  • None



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